Meet Our Support Team Members

Most of our volunteers are artists whose work can be found in the store.  To learn more about the artists and see samples of their work, go to the Artwork page and scroll down to see the featured volunteer artwork.

Chris Derderian

Chris has directed museum stores for over 20 years, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the National Archives and National Cathedral stores in Washington DC.  She currently holds the position of General Merchandise Manager at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.  In these positions she has and continues to work with artists and artisans from the well known to the “yet to be discovered.”  She has a degree in Art History and finds discovering and supporting artists to be a fulfilling experience, continuing to be amazed by the variety and quality of work being produced.


Aivars Starkis

Aivars has a background as an engineer and wine expert.  He traveled Europe as a wine buyer and was a partner in a wine bar before these became common in the United States.  He currently works in a wine store in DC in addition to his volunteer duties at ArtSpring.

Anne's trivets

Anne Stone

In her studio, 2 Cats on a Stone, Anne creates functional and decorative pottery, old English locker hooked rugs and trivets, and beautifully dyed scarves and children’s wear.

Debbie Carty

After many years in information technology and non-profit work, Debbie is enjoying the opportunity to explore her more creative side.  She established Lavender Fields Studio in 2013, and bean creating unique, one-of-a-kind furnishings for the home.  She constantly searches to find antique, vintage, or unique pieces of furniture and restores and transforms them using various painting techniques.  Her pieces can be seen throughout the shop, often serving as display surfaces for other artwork — just look for the Lavender Fields Studio tags with their little bag of lavender.

Marcelle shirt

Marcelle Fozard

Marcelle creates uniquely designed shirts as well as other fun things such as button flowers.

Cynthia Farrell Johnson

Cynthia is a mixed media, gouache, and acrylic artist who draws inspiration from her global travel over the years and the rich cultural diversity of the Washington, DC area.  She currently resides in Silver Spring.


Doris Ross

For Doris Ross, the beginning, around the turn of the millennium, was her fascination with glass. It led her to create work by fusing layers of fine glass to create beautifully designed pieces, often inspired by nature.  She works in a studio at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, in addition to volunteering at ArtSpring and holding down her regular job.  Her website is